Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation in India is completely pure and traditional in form.

A guide to practicing yoga, the yoga lifestyle, and yoga philosophy. We break down the basics with definitions, history and poses to ease your way into becoming a yogi.

Learn about the science and benefits of meditation, discover how to meditate, and enhance your practice with our guided meditations to connect your body and mind.

It is a disciplined science teaching the techniques of the renowned Bihar School of Yoga encompassing all aspects of life in different ways and levels to balance the mind, body and spirit.

Our experienced Yoga teachers are trained to understand your personal objectives and goals during your travel to India. They will then design a specific yoga and meditation program for you to assist you through your journey of life, balancing your being and assisting you to achieve health and well being.

Yoga and Meditation Consultation services free of cost.

We are happy to send you more details and programs for this destination on request.

Warm Wishes – Goingindiaa Team

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