Varanasi – Exploring Heritage & Winding Side Streets.

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These streets have very old houses constructed so close to each other that one can jump from one roof to the other. Surprisingly these streets are very cool during the summer because the close roofed houses helps to keep the sun rays away and create a cool cosy shade. Most of them lead either to the Viswanath temple or to the Ganga Ghat and they are lined by shops selling the specialities of Varanasi handicrafts. Strolling through these streets first sight that will strike your eyes is the riot of colors :Glass bangles of all various colors, Bright colors of the Benarasi sarees, the colorful wooden toys Brass artefacts etc. Also remember to feel the typical aroma of paan masala, pickle, flower shops before the temple main door and smell of lassi and rabri being cooked in huge metal kadhai at a small joint in the galis .But of course all this fancy sights and aroma is broken by the stinks of waste water open urinal, garbage littered everywhere and people spitting out the waste of paan infront of their own shops. On one hand Varansi is the centre of Indian Classical music, Dance. Varanasi has a good population of skilled artisans who make musical instruments like sharod behala etc. Skilled weavers who weave the intricate zari work on silk sarees and make the famous Benarasi sarees, sculptors who carve beautiful brass figures and statues of Gods and Godesses.

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