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The Colonial Walk aim to raise the awareness of the visitors, about the city’s Colonial architecture and heritage monuments. Personalized, educative and imaginative, the walking tours highlight the vast range of architectural styles, planning elements and ornamental details, tracing the social and cultural history of the city.

A Brief Colonial History of Agra
The British took possession of Agra in 1803, and until 1829, the civil administration of the city was conducted by a Collector under the orders of the commissioners of the Ceded and Conquered Provinces. Between 1834 and 1836, Agra had its own Presidency, the Presidency of Agra, but this was abolished and the city was taken into the North-Western Provinces. The first Lieutenant-Governor installed there was Charles Metcalfe. Agra remained the seat of government for the province until 1858, when the administration was transferred to Allahabad. In 1903, the North-Western Provinces were renamed the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh (United Provinces for short) and under independent Indian rule this province became Uttar Pradesh.

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