Maheshwar – Hub of Indian Art & Spiritual Values

If you are planning to visit Central Part of India, do not forget to visit Maheshwar and Scenic Beauty of Narmada River.

Maheshwar is a beautiful riverside town with scenic Ghats in Madhya Pradesh. The place also being visited by many foreign nationals round the year, those having strong interest in Indian art & spiritual values. The scenic beauty of the town and Narmada River is captured in loads of Bollywood and Tamil Movies.

There is a fort at Maheshwar that was constructed during the rule of the Mughal King Akbar. The Mughals were replaced by the Peshawars and in 1767 the Queen Ahilyabai of the Holkar kingdom made Maheshwar her capital city. Her rule continued up to 1795, since she defeated by British, the capital was moved to Indore.

Tourists from across the globe come here to have a look over stunning Maheshwar Fort which soars over the Narmada River, numerous temples and the picturesque Ghats. The Ghat beneath Ahilyabai fort is named after it and is the most vibrant Ghat of Maheshwar. Maheshwar Fort and its temples depict exquisite work of intricate stone carving and fine sculpturing.

Maheswar is well known for Handloom textile since 5th century and its gorgeous Maheshwari sarees. In fact, it has a bustling handloom industry that’s only getting bigger as time goes by.

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